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hi there!


My favorite word in the world is "games." I love games and have considered myself a gamer since the age of 4. What I love so much about games is that the context that we play games in and the skillsets that games teach us are often far outside what we can learn in everyday life.


When you ask people why they play games, a lot of people will say "For fun." But when you delve deeper into that answer, fun can mean different things to different people. People play games to explore a well-told story, feel the accomplishment of making a series of multiple difficult jumps, or even to catch a couple of virtual fish (Why are fishing mini-games always so good?). Everyone plays games for different reasons but everyone is able to enjoy them nonetheless. Games are so versatile in what they are able to provide, I love that everyone walks away with something different


I also love making art which you can see below :)

I'm very friendly and love to chat! If you want to talk about anything, shoot me an email at



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