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concept CASE is the consulting organization on Northeastern University's campus that provides valuable guidance to students pursuing a career in consulting. The group offers a variety of resources through their four step program.  As these steps are unique to this organization, it was important to reflect these ideas in the logo and rebranding. CASE also includes Northeastern Consulting Group (NCG), which are a group of CASE members who act as consultants for new start-ups in the Boston area.

branding  I began by shaping the logo and ultimately decided on four tabs.  Each tab is made up of two smaller triangles and a rounded larger triangle. These represent the four unique stages of the program. The stages are linked, you must complete one before moving onto the next. Each stage is assigned a color. The first stage, Discover, is dark blue. Learn, the second stage, is medium blue. The third stage, Launch, is bright blue. The fourth and final stage, Lead, is yellow. Progressively, the stages get brighter. I wanted to denote the hierarchy of the organization not just through the shape of the logo, but also through the colors. 

Case Information Session-08.png
DRG Poster.png
600x400 White Hero Banner.png
Apply To Case_3_0-06.png
NCG Logo-11.png
SLALOM Banner-01.png
Color Scheme.png


Created in Illustrator

Join Case Poster

Created in Illustrator

NCG Poster

NCG is a branch of CASE which works with real start-ups in the Boston area to give them the consulting help they need.


Created in Illustrator

CASE Stages

Created in Illustrator

DRG Event Poster

Created in Illustrator

CASE Information Session Event Poster

Created in Illustrator

SLALOM Facebook Event Graphic

Created in Illustrator

CASE Color Scheme

Created in Illustrator


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Georgia Southern Cheerleading.png

Georgia Southern Cheerleading A logo for Georgia Southern Cheerleading featuring their eagle mascot.

Created in Illustrator

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 4.34.12 PM.png

Miami Children's Health Plan A bear shaped into a heart logo for Miami Children's Health Plan.

Created in Indesign & Illustrator

Copy of NEHSmanual.png

National English Honor Society A logo for duPont Manual's chapter of National English Honor Society in the iconic shape of its gothic front towers.

Created in Illustrator

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 4.33.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 4.34.00 PM.png

Grade A Tutoring A mock tutoring center logo entered into the Journalism Education Association's Logo Competition. Won 2nd Place.

Created in Illustrator

Overtime Sports A mock sporting equipment store logo entered into the Journalism Education Association's Logo Competition. Won 1st place.

Created in Illustrator

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