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MLB The Show

During the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to work for Sony Interactive Entertainment on MLB The Show. As a Game Interface Artist, I created baseball card concepts, icons, player nameplates, and interface animations. My goal while creating each was to create a cohesive user experience with fun and comprehensive visuals. During my time working on the game, I learned a lot about utilizing motion graphics to make menus feel more succinct so players can get back to the game faster.

MLB Art.png

Card Concepts


Finest 10_A.png
Finest 8_B.jpg
Finest 8_A.png
Finest 1_B.png
Finest 1_A.png
Finest 6_A.png
Finest 11_A.png
Finest 12_A.png
Finest 7_A.jpg

One of the key aspects of the MLB The Show games are the baseball cards which players can unlock. Unlocking these cards is intended to be special and exciting, so my goal was to make each of these cards unique from other pre-existing ones. I made each of these dynamic cards as concepts for the MLB The Show 2020 Finest series, which are players that are the "Finest of the Franchise." Each card must include the player's name, the player's position, the player's team unobstructed, and the diamond in the top right. Ultimately, the top left Finest concept was chosen for 2020.

Diamond and player photos provided.


Draft 1_B.jpg
Draft 1_A.jpg
Draft 1_C.jpg

Beyond the 2020 Finest Series, MLB The Show has a variety of other card series, such as the Draft Series which I also had the opportunity to work on. These cards follow the same specification as the Finest series but their Draft pick number must also be included on the card. I wanted to ensure that these cards truly stood out and celebrated the significance of being a draft pick. To achieve this, I made the draft pick number an integral aspect of the card, interweaving it with the player's photo.

Diamond and player photos provided.

Game Menu Prototype


My objective was to craft a visually captivating and user-friendly prototype for the main menu of the game. This project aimed to provide an intuitive navigation experience for players, ensuring seamless access to the game mode that they were seeking. I  leveraged my design expertise to transform a Lo-Fi prototype into a meticulously branded and interactive interface. Throughout the development process, my primary focus was on optimizing the user journey, enabling players to effortlessly navigate through the menus and promptly immerse themselves in the gaming experience. By adhering to a comprehensive design system which I also helped to develop, I ensured that every interaction within the main menu maintained both visual appeal and functionality.


Main Menu.gif

The landing page is a crucial part of the pre-game experience. It allows players to access various game modes, customization options, and the ability to view their profile. Because this is the page which greets players, I approached the design of each screen with the understanding of their desire to swiftly start/return to the game. Notably, as users interact with the elements, they dynamically enlarge in size and are accompanied by a vibrant border to help players get excited about the game. By leveraging these visual cues, I aimed to create an intuitive and immersive experience that enables players to effortlessly navigate and utilize the functionalities of the landing page.



The game modes menu offers players wide variety of game types to choose from. However, navigating through a large amount of options can feel boring and unexciting. To prevent this, I wanted to enhance the sense of momentum and speed. To achieve this, I incorporated a dynamic design element: as players navigate through the options, the buttons move in the opposite direction. This subtle visual effect creates a compelling illusion of movement. This makes players feel like they are moving through the menus faster than they actually are. By leveraging this design technique, I aimed to amplifying their anticipation to dive back into the game.



Players also have a variety of settings which they can change and navigate through. These menus allow players to fully customize the game to their liking. Similar to the game selection screen, the buttons on this screen also move in the opposite direction to make the player feel like they have momentum. Because these options are quite expansive, it's important that the player feels they are moving faster than they actually are. This helps to prevent player frustration.

Nameplates, Profiles, & Icons


Mascot Nameplate Texas.png
Mascot Nameplate Boston.png
Mascot Nameplate Cincinatti.png
Mascot Icon Cleveland.png
Mascot Icon Atlanta.png
Mascot Icon Philidelphia.png

Mascot photos provided

Players can edit their profile to add a fun background behind their name. They can also select a profile picture to match. There are a variety of nameplates and profile pictures players can select, they typically revolve around the different teams. These mascot nameplates and profile pictures are playful and include the team colors alongside the different mascots to get players excited about their favorite team.


Mariners Abstract.png
METS Abstract.png
Arizona Abstract.png
Wash Icon Abstract.png
Baltimore Icon Abstract.png
Miami Icon Abstract.png

Team logos provided

Another option which I created are the wavy nameplates and profile pictures. These include the team colors and the logos. This is an option for fans who want something that shows off the team colors and logo. 


Artsy 2.png
Artsy 7.png
Artsy 6.png
Artsy 1.png
Artsy 3.png
Artsy 4.png

Apart from the team-related nameplates, I also created a series of unique and artsy nameplates for players who prefer a more personalized touch or simply can't pick just one favorite team. I wanted to cater to the wide variety of player preferences and provide them with a range of creative options to express themselves.


Concept 6 None_edited.png
Concept 6 Bronze_edited.png
Concept 6 Silver_edited.png
Concept 6 Gold_edited.png

Within the game, badges are awarded to players based on their performance, signifying their accomplishments and skill. When creating these badges, my aim was to amplify the sense of pride associated with achieving gold. To accomplish this, I made it so that as players progress and attain higher levels, the badges become increasingly shinyI wanted to encourage players to have a higher sense of accomplishment when they saw how much shinier the higher ranking badge is.

Pack Art

image (6) (2).png
Beach Ball Pack.png

Pack display provided

I also created the pack artwork for the Beach Ball Pack, a special release during the summer season. Understanding the importance of setting the right mood, I crafted an artwork featuring a glistening beachball resting on the beach. This imagery was purposefully designed to evoke a vibrant and summery ambiance, setting it apart from other recently released packs. These packs not only offer players the opportunity to unlock their favorite baseball players but also enable them to form dream teams within the game, fostering a deeper level of engagement and personalization.

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