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Narcoleptic is a game about Nelson, who is a narcoleptic with a sweet tooth on the hunt for his cookies. Sleep hits him uncontrollably. Collect the cookies and watch out for vegetables. But beware! When he’s dreaming, the cookies aren’t what they seem to be anymore...

This game was created for the 48 hour 2020 GMTK Game Jam. The theme was "out of control." It ranked 700th overall.





Menu UI Play.png

MAIN MENU This main menu is designed to feel a bit dream-like and a bit scary. The dark purples contrasted with the glowing whites help to give the impression that the player is walking through the woods in the middle of the night. I based this background on an early concept of the game as the background was one of the first art pieces which I made during the competition. On this menu, the player can play the game, see the credits, or exit. The player can also see the logo in the top right.


Menu UI Play Select 2.png

LEVEL SELECT The level select screen allows the player to select any of the levels in the game as long as they have completed the level before it. The level which is selected glows a bright white similar to the logo. This is to help the player identify which level they have selected as well as reinforce the dream-like feeling our team wanted to create. Upon entering this screen, the background is darkened a bit to make it easier to read the levels and make them seem brighter than they previously were.


Menu UI Credits Select.png

CREDITS Similar to the level select page, the credits pop out next to their section title. As well, the background darkens to make the words feel brighter and to make them more readable. Due to the size of the team, the credits are listed in ABC order. 


We be pausin.png

PAUSE MENU The pause menu shares the same background as the main menu page except the logo is replaced with a bright white moon. On this page, the user can see on the left side the pause menu and their current progress in the game grayed out. The user can either go to the main menu, exit the game, or return to their game by clicking on the right side. Similarly to the main menu, the selected option will become larger and gain a glow to let the user know that that is the option which they currently have selected.








PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS These graphics were created for the game's page, Youtube thumbnail, and Sound cloud page. This branding uses the background I created for the main menu as well as the logo. These elements together help to create a cohesive set of graphics for social media. Stars are also added to these graphics to make them more exciting and reinforce the dreamy aesthetic. 

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